I just completed the transition back to plain Jekyll from Octopress. There are a few reasons for this change:

  1. Octopress was broken in a way that I couldn’t resolve.
  2. Jekyll has been seeing a ton of activity lately, and I like those features.
  3. Octopress doesn’t support any kind of modern Jekyll.
  4. Conversely, Octopress hasn’t seen much activity in a long time.
  5. Octopress’ templating standards is very compliated and indirect, and has frustrated me in the past.

I did spend some time trying to make a newer Jekyll work with Octopress, but it was hard and I kept running into new problems.

I was able to pull much of the code that I did appreciate from Octopress’ Rakefile into my own. So, for now, I feel like I am able to take advantage of the things I liked about Octopress.